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Complaint to the European Ombudsman

On behalf of (if applicable): Association/organisation/NGO

Against which European Union (EU) institution or body do you wish to complain?

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

What is the decision or matter about which you complain? When did you become aware of it? Add annexes if necessary.

EIGE knowingly ignores mandatory military service for men in Finland in its gender equality index. EIGE publishes misleading equality rankings because of this reason. This is gender discrimination. We became aware of the issue in February of 2023.

What do you consider that the EU institution has done wrong?

EIGE has knowingly excluded from its gender equality index the fact that Finland has mandatory military service for men. This is gender discrimination. EIGE can not be ignorant of the Finnish practice. The service is forced labor extracted from all men and it equals an extra tax burden on men or a form of slavery. Those who refuse the mandatory service have to work one year without pay or go under house arrest. It is preposterous that Finland could be anywhere near the top ranking countries in gender equality if this was taken into account. According to our correspondence with EIGE they ignore gendered military service completely. EIGE has provided no reason for this despite inquiries. They rank Finland as the fourth most equal country in 2022. This is misleading and discriminatory.

What, in your view, should the institution or body do to put things right?

EIGE has to include mandatory military service for men as a factor in their gender equality index. It has to be included in the assessment of countries in written form and on their website. The mandatory military service for men must reflect in the ranking of Finland on the gender equality index. EIGE must stop discriminating against men as their current practice does.

Have you already contacted the EU institution or body in order to obtain redress?


If the complaint concerns work relationships - -

Not applicable

Has the object of your already been settled by a court or is it pending before a court?



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